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Quansium is a quantitative trading framework. We bridge the gap between developers (functionality) and traders (easiness). Developing a financial system is hard and time consuming, setting it up is even more. We aim at developing the friendliest and yet most powerful infrastructure to facilitate trading, reduce losses, and save people a significance amount of time. Quansium experience should be fun and easy.

What is Quansium?

The main thing to understand is that Quansium – unlike other trading systems – is entirely innovating and has a cutting edge framework.

To put it simply, Quansium is a trading-friendly interface. This means that traders can now spend less time on reading charts while enjoying more reliable signals.

Another thing that set us apart is the amount of possible settings exceeds the amount of users in any given time. So using our systems will work no matter how many people are using it.

Quansium's goal is not only for traders to succeed but also to fall in love with our framework. After all, we have poured a lot of love and hard work into it, and will continue to do so just because we are passionate about what we do.


Choosing to use our trading framework comes with a multitude of advantages over the traditional and simple strategies.

Our trading framework comes optimized to serve one purpose, automating trading. So all unnecessary code is removed. This allows a faster and more responsive interface.

Our framework logic is always being updated since it is the heart of our systems. In comparison, the traditional strategy logic changes depending on the indicator it uses, so it is not worked on as much as a framework. The more time spent on the same logic or code, the more reliable it will be.

Continuous Deployment
Unlike traditional strategies, our framework allows strategies to be deployed in a few simple steps. Build, backtest, and deploy. All within minutes. Updates are also provided in a timely manner.

Unified Platform
Gone are the days of having completely separate platforms and having to learn how to use new interfaces. Users now work in sync because Quansium's systems use same engine, providing unparalleled ability to reach better results quickly and easily.